What is a secure trust account?


A trust account is a bank account operated by independent trustees appointed by the Travel Trust Association (TTA) of which we are members (Q9630).


All of your money is paid into this trust account and we are not able to make payments from it. Only the trustees can make payments from the account and will only do so under the following  strict criteria:


  1. When you have returned from your holiday
  2. When we need to pay for an element of your holiday. To do this we must submit a payment request to the trustees and get it approved. It will only be approved if the supplier has already been checked and added to the TTA's approved supplier list. Supplier Failure Cover must also be taken out against 


The purpose of this trust account is to ring-fence your funds and ensure that they are only used to pay for your holiday services and not used by us for any other purpose.


We believe this to be the most secure way of protecting customer monies as it offers 100% financial protection.




If you have any other questions then please send us an email at [email protected]