We know that booking a ski holiday is a big responsibility to hand over to someone - you're trusting someone with your money and your holiday! We think it's important to know who you're booking with and put a face to a name so we're here to introduce ourselves to you!

We're a relatively small team here at Get me to the Alps. The 6 of us have worked together for around 2.5 years now, with Dan and Andy having worked together for around 9 years. Sarah H joined the company part-time in June 2019 and then switched to full-time in January 2020. Caitlin and Sarah F joined us in June 2021, with Liz joining us in 2022. We're now a tight-knit bunch who have, between us, welcomed 3 babies, a marriage, an engagement and 2 new houses. We know how each other works (and also how to annoy each other!) and we think we're a great team. It definitely feels more like a little family than colleagues. We try and hit the mountains together at the end of each season (to expand our knowledge, obviously...) and there's nothing like being up the mountain as a team doing what we love. We feel very lucky that we're able to turn our hobby and passion, into our job!


Here's the team:




Andy is our managing director, the big boss. He comes from a skiing background, with his dad previously running a ski holiday business too and being in the industry for over 25 years... It's in his blood! Andy started off as a snowboarder but in his later years has swapped over to skiing. His family also has the skiing bug (he met his wife in a ski resort) and they try and get out to the mountains at least twice a year. With this, Andy has been to so many resorts and his knowledge of ski areas is very expansive. His favourite resort is Val Thorens because it is so large and there's something for everyone. When he's in resort, his favourite meal is steak haché frites and he will go out of his way to find it!


Dan is our general manager. He's been here for around 9 years (there's an ongoing debate between Andy and Dan whether it's 9 or 10 years...) and is the quiet ninja. Dan previously was involved in all aspects from sales to the website to operations but now focuses solely on operations. He's the one who sends you your booking confirmation and final paperwork, which is where his keen eye for detail really shines through. Day to day, Dan tends to sit back and let us lot cause riot, but give Dan a beer, and the party animal comes out. 


Sarah H

Sarah H is our senior sales executive. Not growing up around the mountains at all, she stumbled across them when she finished her Summer season in Greece and didn't want to go home! Two Winter seasons in Sauze d'Oulx in Italy later and the mountains well and truly had her heart. She loves sharing her passion for the mountains with others and helping to get groups out on their trips. Sarah H will openly admit she is by no means an amazing snowboarder (she blames the Italian food and drink on her seasons for why she didn't spend more time practicing...) and you'll often find her, Aperol Spritz in hand, on a bluebird day on the mountain as opposed to actually snowboarding. In 2021 she welcomed her little one and has already started getting them on a board, so keep your eyes peeled for tips on taking little ones on your ski trip.


Caitlin is our French speaking sales executive. She is fluent in French (thank you to her grandparents for having a house in France, meaning she spent every Summer there growing up!) which means she's a huge asset to the team for liaising with suppliers and finding new suppliers to work with. She has worked in France as an au pair and also did a ski season in Belle Plagne (it will forever hold a soft spot in her heart). Caitlin has been skiing since she was a kid and is very good although she'll always very politely hang back with you on the mountain and wait for you. When in resort, she loves a Chouffe beer! 


Sarah F

Sarah F is one of our sales and operations executives. In the Summer months, she jumps onto sales. As we head towards the Winter months, she switches over to operations with a main focus on transfers (which is by no means an easy feat) - she can do it all! Sarah F spent a few seasons in Canada as a mountain photographer (we're incredibly jealous) and is on team snowboard. She loves a Genepi when she's in resort (we know, it's weird but someone has to drink it), and loves Sainte Foy. She's definitely the mum of the team and always has the best advice for DIY, cooking and pretty much life in general. 


Liz is another of our sales and operations executives. April to August she jumps onto sales with the rest of the team. From August, she switches over to operations and focuses on lift passes and transfers. If there's a transfer that needs sorting, Liz is your person! Liz hadn't been to the mountains before she started with us, but we knew that she would be a perfect fit for the team and we definitely weren't wrong. If you need any information on non-skier activities, Liz can help you. She has since tried skiing, but found that snowboarding is more a suitable fit for her. She now has an annual pass for Chill Factore and you can regularly find her there in the evenings. 


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