This page is just for guidance only. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect or out of date information contained on this page. You can check all entry information yourself on the relevant government websites. This page was updated at 1000h on 6th Dec 2021

Recently updated for new testing requirements and Swiss government rules -  See transit FAQ below and the testing requirements FAQ


Entering France

You must be double vaccinated to enter France for a ski holiday, if you aren't then you will be refused entry. It takes 8 weeks to get double vaccinated and then another 2 weeks before you can get vaccination proof so it is imperative to inform anyone in your group that these are the rules in France. However, it may be possible to get both vaccines within 3-4 weeks if you speak to a local vaccination centre.


Children under 12 years of age travelling with a double vaccinated adult does not have to do anything and will be allowed into the country.


Children aged 12-17 who are travelling with a double vaccinated adult will need to provide a negative test (PCR or Lateral Flow) that has been done within 24 hours of entering France if they are not double vaccinated.


 - You can usually book these tests at the airport you are departing from and get the test results within 60 mins, the cost is between £30-£40 per test.

 - You can book these tests here



Health pass France ("Passe Sanitaire")


Children aged 12-17 will also need to provide a negative test result done within 24 hours to be able to enter public venues in France (bars/cafes/restaurants/swimming pools etc). The test done at the airport will last 24 hours so they would then need to get other tests done after that. These can only be done at a French medical centre/pharmacy. An example can be found here for Val Thorens, you can book these by following the links, please remember to select "Royaume-Uni" for the correct country and this will remove the social security number requirement.

We advise booking these ASAP for your 12-17 year olds

Testing in Val Thoren


Booster jabs


The French government have recently announced that anyone over the age of 65 whose vaccine passport is over 7 months old (7 months and 1 week since 2nd jab) will now have to prove that they have had a booster jab. This will be enforced by the 15th Dec. It has been confirmed that the NHS app will show the booster jab.


From the 15th Jan 2022 this will become a requirement for anyone over the age of 18

At this current time you will need the following tests:


1. Negative antigen or PCR to enter France / Geneva. Not more than 48 hours old for fully vaccinated and not more than 24 hours old for not full vaccinated (including children aged 12-17)


2. A negative pre-departure test to get back into the UK, which will be checked by the airlines.


3. A day 2 PCR test.


None of these tests can be self-administered and will need to be paid for and the results provable.


Please note that we cannot be held responsible if this information is incorrect or out of date. It is your responsibility to ensure you have all the relevant tests to gain access to your destination.


The UK government website has all this information on it:




The current entry requirements to France can be found here

Key requirements:

If you are double vaccinated then you can enter France without having to quarantine or take a test which reduces the cost and admin time related to testing.

If you haven't been vaccinated or have only had one vaccination you will not be allowed to enter France unless it is for an essential reason. Holidays do not count as an essential reason for travel.

Any child up to the age of 12 who is travelling with a double vaccinated adult does not have to be vaccinated to enter France or take a test.

Any child aged 12-17 who is travelling with a double vaccinated adult does not have to be vaccinated to enter France but must provide a negative test (PCR or Antigen) on arrival.

The Swiss government has recently put the UK on the list of countries with a variant of concern.


Anyone travelling into Switzerland from one of these countries has to provide a negative test on arrival and then quarantine for 10 days. However, if you are transiting through Switzerland to France then these rules do not apply and you will be allowed to transit as long as you have proof of your final destination in France.


Transiting through Geneva airport into France

If you are transiting through Switzerland to a Schengen country then you will be allowed to do so if you can provide proof of your double vaccination status and of your final destination in France, as per the following extract:


"Transit from a third country considered by the SEM to be high-risk to a Schengen state
Third-country citizens holding a residence document or a visa type D for their destination country in the Schengen area are permitted to travel through Switzerland to that country.
The normal requirements for entering Switzerland apply.

It is only possible to enter Switzerland from a high-risk country in order to travel on to another Schengen state for a short stay of up to 90 days if you can prove that you have been vaccinated (see “How can I prove that I am vaccinated?”). Persons under 18 may enter Switzerland if they are travelling with an adult who has been vaccinated.
Otherwise, the normal requirements for entering Switzerland apply.

If you have not been vaccinated, but your destination country in the Schengen area has authorised your entry for a short stay of up to 90 days, you may only enter the Schengen area by travelling directly to your destination country (i.e. you may not travel through Switzerland)."

The new international travel system dictates what you need to do when returning from a holiday in France.

France is on the "Rest of the World" list.

You are only allowed into France for a non-essential reason (e.g. a ski holiday) if you have been double vaccinated for at least 14 days and can provide proof.

If one of your party is unvaccinated then please get in touch and we can assist.

If France moves to the red list then our Covid-19 policy will be applicable which means we would need to wait until 7-14 days before travel. If France was still on the red list then you would be entitled to a full refund, but we would advise moving your booking at the balance due date in the first instance.

You can read our full Covid-19 policy here

If you are travelling to France then they will not be able to join you on the holiday and will have to pay cancellation fees.

We cannot recommend specific products, but you will need a good Wintersports policy that has specific medical cover for contracting COVID whilst on holiday

You can see full details of the rules regarding Covid-19 in France here

Key points:

Face masks are mandatory in indoor spaces

For venues that hold 50+ people you will require proof of a Covid-19 double vaccination to be able to enter

You do not have to quarantine on returning to the UK from France.

You can change the dates of your booking at anytime, subject to fare differences and accommodation availability.

We will evaluate the situation at the balance due date. If France is still on the "Rest of the World" list then balances must be paid on time. If France is on the red list we recommend moving your booking so you don't have to pay your balance


If you have any other questions then please send us an email at info@getmetothealps.com


We recommend getting all Covid-19 related questions/issues resolved before your balance due date so that balances can be paid on time as per our terms and conditions. The balance due date for all bookings is 6 weeks before your departure date, if you will struggle to make the deadline then you must contact us immediately and let us know.